At MegaRig , we believe in long term investment of Our people

Our Management Team

Managing Director

Alvin Ong

Mr Alvin Ong is the founder of MegaRig Heavy Lift Services, he has gathered more than 30 years of experience in the heavy lifting industry. He gained his name as a Project Manager at PSC Heavy Lift Asia Pte Ltd from 1992 to 1998. After which, he joined Fagioli Asia Pte Ltd as the General Manager and later, as the Managing Director during the period of 2001 to 2015.

general manager

Foo Chee Pang

Mr Foo Chee Pang started out as part of Jurong Engineering (JEL) Power Plant Division team. He has had more than 10 full years of project management experience in the construction and erection of power plants before participating in the heavy lifting work. He was the Project Manager for Shell Gumusut-Kakap project, which involved the super-lift of the 22,500Te Topside using strand jack.

Our operational team

Specialised, Independent Squad

All MegaRig operators are required to be proficient on both the manually-control lifting and computer-synchronised lifting operation before they are deemed to be independent on any project mission.

The operators were trained to be an all-rounder in strand jack, where they are often tasked to be in-charge from the strand jack installation to system commissioning, to lifting operation, and to the demobilisation of equipment.

Regional & International Experience

The MegaRig operational team are made up of Strand Jack operation veterans with substantial years of experience in heavy lifting work. 

These projects spanning across the entire South East Asia, People’s Republic of China, India, South Korea and part of the Middle East.

in-house & on-site training

Personnel Training

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Inexperienced personnels are always paired with a senior operator as helper at project site. They will be picking up all the necessary skills, such as installation and troubleshooting during the attachment period.

In-house training are conducted from time-to-time for fresh operator to have a hands-on experience on the strand jacking operation. They will also be taught of the system working principle before deployment to project site.