to lift the impossible

The Datum Jelatek Ring-bridge lifting in progress - with the Kuala Lumpur city skyline as the background.

The Datum Jelatek

Located at the brim of the city of Kuala Lumpur, the Datum Jelatek would serve as a landmark to the city with its ring-shaped pedestrian bridge. The bridge was lifted by a total of 10 units of strand jack, located at 4 different towers. The lifting was made possible by our strand jack computerised synchronisation technology.

Weight of Bridge (te)
Height of Lifting (m)


Traditionally, these gigantic concrete block were required to be casted on temporary stools. This method allows trailer to go underneath for its transportation to the jetty. However, with the innovative use of Strand Jack, the civil contractor can now fabricate the block on flat ground and to be lifted later-on onto the transport, saving valuable time and resources.


Weighed over 370 tonnes, this power generator was designed to deliver 622MW to the prosperous southern Vietnam. MegaRig was tasked to design and fabricate more than 200 tonnes of steel structure to deliver the equipment from the loading bay to the top of the turbine hall concrete pedestal by the mean of 4 lifting jacks and 2 pulling jacks.

sunway velocity

Overlooking the bustling traffic that pours into the business district of Kuala Lumpur, this 110-ton steel bridge has become the perfect vantage point for the premium high-rise residents. 

The bridge was assembled on the podium level, and lifted to the target elevation of 85 meters by 4 units of 60-ton Strand Jack. It took our team 8 long hours to hoist the bridge to its final position, with minor level-adjustment throughout the process.

kuala terengganu drawbridge

As an initiative for the local government to boost their tourism, this drawbridge is the first of its kind in Malaysia. It was designed to have two sets of observation platform linking the bridge towers. Four units of strand jack were deployed – on cantilever support beams – for the lifting work. The jacks were then relocated to North Bank for the lifting of the second link.

Weight (Te)
Elevation (m)
Lifting Time (hrs)

grati block 2 combined-cycle power plant

The combined-cycle power plant is powered by 3 units of boiler. Each of the boiler consists of 6 different modules, with a total weight of approximately 830te. The modules were lifted in stages, gradually increasing the load carrying by 14 units of strand jacks. Upon completion, the equipment were shifted to the next unit for the upcoming lifting.

The Expansion Joint weighed about 92te, only a fraction of the Generator weight. However, its sheer size of 14m long and 8m high has posed a challenge to the engineering team to manoeuvre the equipment into an already-restricting space allowance of both the gantry and turbine hall.

Upon lifting of the Expansion Joint, the same gantry structure was modified to another configuration to be able to take the Generator weight of about 210te. Total of 4 units of J180 strand jacks were installed to lift and skid the Generator into its final position in the turbine hall.


As part of the Indonesian government’s endeavour to fuel for more foreign investment, the Central Java power complex was designed to deliver 2000MW of power to the prosperous island of Java. MegaRig was given the opportunity to provide our expertise to speed up the construction by usage of our Strand Jack system.

Total Jack Supplied
Combined Load Lifted (te)

tanjung jati-b coal fired power plant

Similar to Central Java project (CJP), the 2000MW Tanjung Jati-B (TJB) project is part of the mega-project by Indonesia to further add-on a staggering 35,000MW of power to their national grid. Contrary to CJP, the construction method of the TJB boiler took a significantly different approach: Each major pressure part were broken down to multiple smaller-scale lifting. Most of the lifting were carried out by only 60te Strand Jack, instead of 300te or 450te strand jacks that were used in CJP.